‘Incredible ambassador of science’

Having discovered HIV, Dr. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi wants a cure
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The HPV cancer vaccine: Are two doses as good as three?

A reduced dosing regimen may mean more vaccine adherence, lower costs
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Working together to end HIV

Scientists, activists gather for Fred Hutch conference on using gene therapy to cure HIV
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Many women at high risk for ovarian cancer don’t know it

75 percent of those at high risk for BRCA mutations have no idea they may have increased chance of ovarian cancer, Hutch study shows
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Making a difference

See the patients, nurses and doctors and the life-saving work of Fred Hutch and the Uganda Cancer Institute in Kampala, Uganda.
Help us find better ways to prevent, detect
and treat cancer and related diseases.


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The HVTN has a new and improved website featuring ground-breaking research efforts at 30 clinical sites and five laboratories across five continents.
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A 10-year-old girl’s fearless approach to life with a brain tumor inspired Dr. Jim Olson and new “citizen science” at Fred Hutch.
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HICOR takes an innovative approach to improve the effectiveness of cancer prevention, treatment and therapy while stemming the high costs of cancer care.
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A database that will enable scientists and physicians to learn from every new patient who comes through the door.
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The Solid Tumor Translational Research network is pursuing new therapies for tumors affecting nearly a dozen major organs.
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Donate Alaska Airlines miles. Your donations can help reduce travel costs for cancer patients & families. They also can be made into travel packages for fundraising events.
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Media Coverage

  • Humanosphere, Aug. 27, 2014
    Article on the Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy for HIV Cure held at the campus of Fred Hutch
  • The Week, Aug. 25, 2014
    Article quotes Dr. Chris Mehlin of the Olson Laboratory about how venom from snakes and other creatures may be the source of potential cancer drugs.
  • KING-TV's "New Day Northwest", Aug. 25, 2014
    Dr. James Kublin, executive director of the Fred Hutch-based HIV Vaccine Trials Network, joined "Angels in America" director Andrew Russell in the studio to discuss the partnership between Fred Hutch and Intiman Theater in support of AIDS awareness and HIV research.

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Featured Researchers

Transplant biologist and mentor
Dr. Torok-Storb overcame the odds to become a scientist who has helped improve patients’ outcomes following transplants of blood-forming stem cells. Now she’s inspiring the next generation of researchers to make their own discoveries.

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  • Quest Magazine
    What do yeast cells tell us about aging? How do the epic life lessons of a “renaissance man” help in the development of an HIV vaccine? How does “catalytic philanthropy” put Fred Hutch in a unique position to research cancer immunotherapy? Get the answers in the new Quest magazine.
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