Interdisciplinary Training

Dual mentor/IDTG application form

For your application:

  1. Fill out form below completely (including an abstract of up to 250 words) and submit online.

  2. Send your CV and proposal as attached PDF documents in an e-mail to Marci Burden, The proposal should be no more than 3 single spaced pages (12 pt. type) for all sections excluding Literature cited.  The general NIH format should be used [Significance, Innovation, Approach]. Please provide a progress report if applicable.

    The proposal must be relevant to cancer or HIV/AIDS and the relevance should be discussed in the application. Please include all of the following information on the interdisciplinary nature of the project.  This should be in a separate section (included in the 3-page total) at the beginning of the proposal:

    • Emphasize the interdisciplinary aspects of the training received.
    • Specifically address in detail how each mentor will contribute in a meaningful way to the training. We expect that the applicant will have "hands on" training in each discipline.
    • Give specifics of how time will be divided between the two groups.
    • Is this a new collaboration?

  3. Request signed letters from each mentor agreeing to involvement in the training program and commenting on trainee suitability. These should answer the following: How does this student compare to other students in their graduate program?   How many students have you had in your lab and where does this student rank  overall among those students in terms of potential?  Please compare the applicant in terms of intellect and potential as an independent scientist, creativity, motivation, and communication skills. If you have not had many trainees, feel free to compare the applicant to another recent trainee in their same program/department.  Is the applicant at a point where they have a strong grasp of the project?  Are they close to submitting a manuscript and if so briefly describe?  Finally, mentors should also include information regarding the research support available for the project.

  4. Request signed letters of recommendations from 2 individuals other than the mentors.

    Signed letters (in PDF format) should be sent to Marci Burden.

Please complete the following:

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