Undergraduate Students

SURP Alumni Enrollment in Graduate School

Institution Degree and Program

Bastyr University

Master's – Nutrition/Didactic Program in Dietetics

Boston College

MA, Political Science

Boston University

PhD, Biomedical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University

PhD, Biomedical Sciences Training Program

Columbia University

MS, Biostatistics; and
PhD, Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular & Biomedical Studies

Emory University

Master of Medical Science Physician Assistant; and
PhD, Biostatistics

Harvard Divinity School


Iowa State University

PhD, Toxicology

Johns Hopkins University

PhD, Human Genetics

Mayo Clinic

PhD, Clinical and Translational Science

New Mexico State University

MPH, Epidemiology;
Master of Science, Agricultural Biology / Molecular Biology; and
MS, Biotechnology

Ohio State University

PhD, Biomedical Sciences

Purdue University PhD, Chemistry

Stanford University

PhD, Genome Sciences

Texas A&M University

MPH, Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences

The Technion College


University of Alabama at Birmingham

PhD, Microbiology

University of California, Berkeley

PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California, San Diego

PhD, Biomedical Sciences

University of California, San Francisco

PhD, Biomedical Sciences

University of Colorado

PhD, Biomedical Sciences Program/Immunology

University of Maryland, Baltimore

PhD, Molecular Medicine - Cancer Biology

University of Michigan

MPH, Health Behavior and Health Education;
MS, Microbiology and Immunology; and
PhD, Clinical Psychology

University of New Mexico

MA, Occupational Therapy; and
MS, Nutrition

University of Oregon

PhD, Chemistry

University of Oxford

MSc, Integrated Immunology

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

PhD, Biomedical Sciences

University of Texas Southwestern

PhD, Immunology

University of Washington

MPH, Epidemiology;
PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology;
PhD, Chemistry; and
PhD, Genome Sciences

University of Wisconsin-Madison

MS, Genetics

Washington State University

PhD, Molecular Biosciences (2)

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