Undergraduate Students

2008 Program Schedule

Date Time Location Event
June 17 11am-1pm B1-072/74 First day orientation
Aug 14 3-5pm
Arnold MD-level Atrium
Arnold M1-level Atrium
Poster session

Aug 15     Last day of program
Research Seminars
June 20 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 Dr. Denise Galloway (Human Biology)
"Human papillomaviruses: warts and all"
June 27 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 Dr. Roland Strong (Basic Sciences)
"What makes things red: iron, bacteria & what you can do about them"
July 11 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 Dr. Fred Appelbaum (Clinical Research)
"History of marrow transplantation"
July 18 12-1pm M1-A305/307 Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
"The molecular biology of the human immunodeficiency virus"
July 25 12-1pm M1-A305/307 Dr. Chris Li (Public Health Sciences)
"The unequal burden of cancer: disparities in cancer outcome by race/ethnicity"
Aug 1 12-1pm M1-A305/307 Dr. Toni Bedalov (Clinical Research)
"Genes, aging and longevity: from yeast to humans and the other way round"
Aug 8 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 Dr. Sunil Hingorani (Clinical/Public Health)
Aug 15 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 No talk, last day
Coffee Breaks
June 24 10-11:30am M1A305/07 Writing workshop part I
Dr. Deborah Illman, UW
July 1 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Writing workshop part II
Dr. Deborah Illman, UW
July 15 10-11am D1-080/084 Applying for graduate school
Dr. Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
July 29 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Institutional Racism
Dr. Beti Thompson (PHS)
Aug 12 10-11am D1-080/084 Research Ethics and Issues: Basic Research
Dr. Barry Stoddard (Basic Sciences)
July 8 10-11am B1-072/74 How to write an abstract
Dr. Beti Thompson (PHS)
July 30 Noon All Employee BBQ Hutch Courtyards and Parking Lot
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