Undergraduate Students

2009 Program Schedule

Date Time Location Event
June 16 11am-2pm B1-072/74/76 First day orientation
July 23 4pm Arnold Bldg. Roof (5th Floor) Ice Cream Social Students/Mentors
Aug 9 TBD Lake Union Park Fremont Ice Cream Cruise
Aug 14 3-5pm M1-A303/305/307 Poster session
Research Seminars
June 19 12-1pm D1-080/084 Julie Overbaugh (Human Biology)
"Studies of HIV transmission in Africa"
June 26 12-1pm B1-072/74/76 Linda Buck (Basic Science)
"Mechanisms underlying odor and pheromone sensing"
July 3     Happy 4th of July!
July 10 12-1pm M1-A305/307 Gloria Coronado (PHS)
"When and how to provide research results to study participants"
July 17 12-1pm D1-080/084 Fred Appelbaum (Clinical)
"History of bone marrow transplantation"
July 24 12-1pm M1-A305/307 Sunil Hingorani (Clinical/PHS)
"Finding a new way forward in pancreas cancer"
July 31 12-1pm D1-080/084 Peggy Porter (HB)
"Current topics in breast cancer research"
Aug 7 12-1pm D1-080/084 Dana Miller (Basic Science)
"Curiosity-driven science"
Aug 14     No talk, last day
Coffee Breaks
June 23 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Writing Workshop I
Jennifer Anderson (PHS)
June 30 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Writing Workshop II
Jennifer Anderson (PHS)
July 7 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Applying for Graduate School
Michael Emerman (Human Biology)
Director, UW MCB graduate program
July 14 10-11:30am D1-080/084 How to Write an Abstract
Beti Thompson/Jennifer Anderson (PHS)
July 28 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Research Ethics and Issues
Barry Stoddard (Basic Science)
August 4 10-11:30am D1-080/084 Institutional Racism
Rachel Ceballos (PHS)
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