Undergraduate Students

2011 Program Schedule

Key Dates

Date Time Location Event
June 13 All University of Washington Travel and check-in at UW dorms.
June 14 9 am – 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Program orientation, including submission of new employee paperwork, campus tour, lunch.
June 15 7:10 pm Safeco Field Seattle Mariners versus Los Angeles Angels MLB game (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
June 26 11:45am 12:15 pm Theo Chocolate Factory: Fremont Theo Chocolate Factory Tour/Fremont Sunday Market excursion (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
June 30 5 pm   Email draft personal statement and resume to peer-review group.
July 10 5 pm SCCA House Make dinner for residents of SCCA House (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
July 17 5 pm SCCA House Make dinner for residents of SCCA House (itinerary to be provided as a separate attachment).
July 21 5 pm   Optional: Email second draft of personal statement and/or resume for review among program staff.
Aug. 8 Before 5 pm   Submit posters to Computer Graphics department for printing at: graphics@fhcrc.org.  Pick-up in M1-A405.
Aug.10 Before 5 pm   Submit FINAL personal statement, resume, abstract, poster, and program evaluation to Jordan Cañas : jecanas@fhcrc.org 
Aug. 11 Noon – 2 pm Arnold, M1-A403 Poster presentation practice session.  Sign up for preferred 10-minute practice session.
Aug.12 2 – 4 pm Arnold, M1-A303/05/07 Competitive poster session. Last working day of internship.

Scheduled Events

Date Time Location Speaker Topic
Professional Development Workshops
June 21 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Jennifer Anderson
(Public Health Sciences)
How to write a personal statement and resume (including instruction on how to peer-review)
June 28 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Julian Simon
(Clinical Research)
How to write an abstract
July 5 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07   In-person peer-review group meeting
July 12 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Katie Peichel
(Human Biology)
How to create and present a scientific poster
July 19 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 James Yeh
(Kaplan Test Prep)
GRE /MCAT test prep (GRE: M1-A305, MCAT: M1-A307)
July 26 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07   DVD of Rebecca Skloot’s book reading, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Aug. 2 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Steven Pergam
(Vaccine and Infectious Diseases)
How to successfully apply to medical school
Research Seminars
June 17 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Michael Emerman
(Human Biology)
How to successfully apply to graduate school
June 24 Noon - 1 pm Yale, J5-321 Dr. Marian Neuhouser
(Public Health Sciences)
Do nutrition and physical activity have anything to do with cancer prevention?
July 1 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Fred Appelbaum
(Clinical Research)
Hematopoietic cell transplantation
July 8 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Colleen Delaney
(Clinical Research)
Enhancing engraftment in cord blood transplantation
July 15 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Barry Stoddard
(Basic Sciences)
Targeted gene modification and correction
July 22 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Sunil Hingorani
(Clinical Research)
Piecing together the pancreas cancer puzzle
July 29 Noon - 1 pm Thomas, D1-080/084 Dr. Nina Salama
(Human Biology)
Helicobacter pylori – a bacteria that causes cancer?
August 5 Noon - 1 pm Arnold, M1-A305/07 Dr. Corey Casper
(Vaccine and Infectious Disease)
The challenges and opportunities of conducting international translational and clinical research
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a world leader in research to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.