Cancer’s New Battleground: The Developing World

Cancer’s New Battleground: The Developing World

Cancer may be one of the world’s biggest killers, but those who die from it in impoverished lands represent a hidden toll.

“Cancer’s New Battleground: The Developing World” is a five-part radio series airing December 3-7, 2012 on public radio’s The World.

Online Facebook Chat with Dr. Corey Casper on December 5, 2012, 7am - 1pm PST.


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Series airs December 3-7, 2012
Facebook chat -- December 5, 2012

Facebook Chat Times

10am - 4pm EST / 7am - 1pm PST

  • 7am - Dr. Eric Krakauer, Pallative medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • 8am - Dr. Jackson Orem, Director, Uganda Cancer Institute
  • 9am - Amy Banham, program Coordinator, Partners in Health
  • 11:30am - Joanne Silberner, "Cancer's New Battleground" reporter
  • 12pm - Dr. Corey Casper, Director, Uganda Cancer Institute/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a world leader in research to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.