Basic Sciences Division

Current Biology Seminar Series

2014/15 Schedule

Where: Pelton Auditorium
When: Tuesdays at noon (unless otherwise indicated)

Speaker (Lab)
September 08 (MON) Todd Schlenke (Malik)
September 23 Fred Chang (Bai)
September 30 Chandra Tucker (Stoddard)
October 07 Vaishali Katju (Malik)
October 14
Geert Kops (Biggins)
October 21 Yishi Jin (Bai)
October 28 Craig Pikaard (Hahn)
November 04 Lingchong You (Shou)
November 13 (THU)
November 18 Greg Lemke (Eisenman)
November 25 (Thanksgiving week)
December 02 Gia Voeltz (Bai)
December 09 Michael Desai (Shou)
December 16 Paul Blainey (Bloom)
January & Februrary dates saved for recruitment
March 03 Oliver Hobert (Bai)
March 10 Francisco Asturias (Hahn)
March 17 Adrian Krainer (R. Bradley)
March 24 David Tuveson (Eisenman)
March 31 Andres Villu Maricq (Bai)
April 07 Vivian Budnik (Parkhurst)
April 14 Andrea Ventura (Eisenman)
April 21 Andrew Scharenberg (Stoddard)
April 28 Iain Cheeseman (Biggins)
May 05 Doris Bachtrog (Peichel)
May 12 James Chen (Bloom)
May 19 Sunney Xie (Buck)
May 26 (Memorial Day week)
June 02 Wes Sundquist (Tsukiyama/Fregoso - CMCTG)
June 09 Jerry Workman (Tsukiyama/Zentner - CMCTG)
  Last update 08/14/2014
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