Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research Project

Partnership Research Projects

The projects supported by this collaboration provide scientists and students at NMSU and the FHCRC with new research experiences that will benefit both institutions and the populations that they serve.

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Former Projects

Pilot Project One:
Synthesis of new ligands for the characterization of siderophore- ExFABP interactions

Pilot Project Two:
How does metabolic rate affect age-induced genomic instability?

Pilot Project Three:
Discovery of gene regulatory networks controlling cell cycle exit in drosophila, using the discrete dynamic system model

Pilot Project Four:
Graduate training in cancer research and health disparities

Pilot Project Five:
Promotora outreach for cervical cancer screening

Full Project Six:
Genetic analysis of Egfr signaling and cell adhesion

Pre-pilot Project Eleven
Gardens for Health: Development of an Intervention Model for the Prevention or Management of Diet Related Illness Among the Navajo

Current Projects

Full Project Seven:
Undergraduate student training in cancer research

Pilot Project Eight:
Development of Biologically-active Datura Extract as a Breast Cancer Therapy

Pilot Project Nine
Una Mano Amiga, patient navigator program for Southwest New Mexico

Pilot Project Ten
Comparison of protein-protein interactions of Grb7 and s-SHIP within the P13 kinase signaling pathway of stem cells

Pilot Project Thirteen
Time-resolved flow cytometric study of cell signaling

Pilot Project Fourteen
Graduate training in cancer research and health disparities

Pilot Project Fifteen
Metal Exposure Assessment in Southern New Mexico

Pilot Project Sixteen
Health Disparities and Access to Participation in Cancer-related Research

Pre-pilot Project Seventeen
Inhibition of ER-dependent cell signaling by GPER: potential role for p27kip1

Pre-pilot Project Eighteen
Gardens For Health: Intervention Development

Pre-pilot Project Nineteen
The role of lipid mediators in cellular metabolism: CYP2S1 and Ex-FABP

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