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VIDD announcements for faculty and staff promotions, new hires, awards, job openings and more.


VIDD Member Dr. Peter Gilbert was recently selected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association. The American Statistical Association honors its most esteemed members each year for excellence in their fields. Approximately 40 members are chosen for this highly prestigious award each year out of a membership of ~18,000. Peter will be honored at an awards ceremony in Boston on August 5, 2014.

Congratulations Peter!


New Assistant Member Dr. Justin Taylor will develop a B-cell immunology program that integrates translational research in infectious diseases, vaccine development and immunotherapy. SCCA Physician Dr. Maggie Green was appointed associate in VIDD and Dr. Philipp Mann has been appointed staff physician in the HVTN, both effective April 2014.

Dr. Andrew Gartland has been appointed as staff scientist in the PS Program, also effective April 2014. Andrew was previously a postdoc working with Dr. Tomer Hertz. Dr. Mingchao Shen has been appointed staff scientist in IVD, effective March 2014. Mingchao is the project manager for all the McElrath Lab Gates Foundation projects and also taking on the project management lead for the HVTN Lab Center.

Dr. Kristen Cohen has joined the HVTN Lab Center as a staff scientist to take the lead of the Endpoints Team as well as other HVTN research projects. Kristen comes to us after just completing her PhD from the University of Washington under the mentorship of Dr. Leo Stamatatos at Seattle BioMed, who is a collaborator with VIDD.


Bryce Manso, who is part of the HVTN Lab R&D team, has been promoted to research tech II. Danica Wright is now a data coordinator III in the Data Operations Group of PS.

The HVTN’s Carissa Karg, Marianne Hansen and Shelly Ramirez were promoted to clinical trials manager (CTM) II from CTM I this past March, and Jana Pitzer to project coordinator II. Greg Davis in HANC was promoted to project manager I, also in March.

Congratulations all!


PS welcomes several new faces. Brittany Sanchez and Emily Hansen are new statistical research associates in the Data Analytic Unit; Jingyuan Deng is a systems analyst/programmer in PS Stats; Drs. Xiaoyu Wang and Avalson Li are postdocs in PS Stats; and Roseanne Hampton Reich is a grants and contracts supervisor in Finance & Contract Services.

VIDD announces the arrival of Kiley Keelin, the new regulatory affairs associate for the CITN and HVTN. Kiley comes to us from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where she worked as an IRB Analyst overseeing over 1,000 US and non-US IRB submissions annually and developing standard operating procedures for the IRB.

Dr. Yingquan Song is a new postdoc who will be studying immune responses to genital HSV-2 infection, working with Dr. Jia Zhu.

The HVTN has hired a new clinical trials manager with a familiar name: Dr. Michelle Nebergall. Michelle was a CTM in 2010-2011, and left us to complete her dissertation research at the Cape Town, South Africa site, collaborating with Dr. Linda-Gail Bekker. She successfully defended her dissertation in March, and wasted no time in coming back to the HVTN. Michelle will be based in Seattle until September, after which she will be in Johannesburg to support the expansion sites and protocols to be implemented in the region.

Welcome all!


VIDD Member Dr. Anna Wald has been chosen for the 2014 Award for Scientific Advancement from the Seattle Association for Women in Science (AWIS) for her innovative contributions, including epidemiological and translational science research, to the genital herpes field. She will be recognized at an awards ceremony, along with the Hutchinson Center’s Dr. Nancy Hutchison for her work as the SEP director, in June.

The American Statistical Association’s Youden Award Committee has selected VIDD Principal Staff Scientist Dr. Yunda Huang to receive this year’s W. J. Youden Award in Interlaboratory Testing. Although several other papers were considered for the award, Yunda’s was unanimously selected as the strongest and most deserving. The award will be officially presented at a plenary session of the 2014 Joint Statistical Meetings, which will be held in Boston in August 2014.

The American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT) recently selected Dr. Joshua Hill, VIDD senior research fellow, for the Robert A. Good New Investigator Award. This prize recognizes excellence in scientific research within the field of blood and marrow transplantation, as well as significance and likelihood of substantial impact on the field.

Dr. Pavitra Roychoudhury, a postdoc in the Schiffer Lab, was awarded a course scholarship to attend the 6th Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling in Infectious Diseases here at the University of Washington. It is a 2-week program that focuses on applying statistical and mathematical modeling to complex infectious disease dynamics and is sponsored by the Department of Biostatistics housed in the School of Public Health.

Dr. Seth Cohen, who is currently mentored by Dr. David Fredricks, has been awarded the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) Tuition Support Award to pursue his MPH. The goal of the ITHS Tuition Support Fellows Program is “to enhance the fellowship programs offered to physicians and other health-care professionals who wish to become independent clinical researchers.”


Arianna Miles-Jay, a graduate research assistant who works with Dr. Steve Pergam, has been selected by the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Washington to receive the 2014 Outstanding Student Award in the Master's student category. Arianna and other award recipients will be honored at the School of Public Health Excellence Awards, which recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievement. The ceremony will be held on May 9, 2014 from 4-7 pm at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Maresa Woodfield and Courtney Roberts, who are mentored by Drs. Steve Pergam and Michael Boeckh, respectively, have been selected to present at the Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Washington. This symposium provides undergraduates the opportunity to share their research experiences with other students as well as faculty in the form of posters and talks. It will take place on May 16, 2014 at Mary Gates Hall.

VIDD is proud to congratulate these students for their exemplary work and dedication.


Genevieve Meyer, who is a community education (CE) training manger in the HVTN, has (temporarily) relocated to South Africa. In order to provide consistency, coordination, and timely implementation of CE training across sites, Genevieve will efficiently build relationships with site staff and accommodate site-specific needs. On behalf of VIDD, we wish Genevieve luck on this wonderful adventure!

The Summer Institute for Statistical Modeling and Infectious Diseases (SISMID) received funding for another five years. This program is led by VIDD Member Dr. Betz Halloran.


VIDD has many open positions. They can be found on the Hutchinson Center’s Career Opportunities page.


Several VIDD faculty have recently left, including Senior Staff Scientist Dr. Lei Wang, Affiliate Investigator Dr. Caroline Mitchell, who has relocated to Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard University, and Staff Scientist/HANC Social Scientist Dr. Michael Arnold.

Additionally, HVTN’s Clinical Trial Manager Tamra Madenwald and HANC Project Manager Christie Villa left March 2014. Marissa McGregor, HVTN program specialist, will be leaving us June 2014.

On behalf of VIDD, we wish you all the best of luck!



After 13 years in a variety of executive roles at Fred Hutch, Banks Warden is going to take on one more.

Banks will step back from the HVTN COO position to assume a part-time role in the Director’s Office, working on special projects for Larry Corey and Myra Tanita.

“HVTN COO is literally the best job I’ve ever had,” Banks said. He expects to stay connected with many of the international projects he has focused on in recent years. Banks, who before the Hutch had roles as wide-ranging as CEO of PacMed to consultant for the New Zealand Ministry of Health, retained an interest in HIV research from one of his ventures that managed care for AIDS patients. The HVTN grant was the catalyst that connected Banks with the Hutch.Banks has provided exemplary operational leadership and worked tirelessly to identify and implement efficiency gains across the Network. Banks has also served as a guiding member of VIDD’s Executive Committee since the inception of the Division in 2010. We here at VIDD recognize his commitment, value, dedication and, most of all, his priceless personality and sense of humor.

After nearly two years of dedicated service, Leslie Sandberg, effective February 7th, left VIDD to assume the Division Administrator role for the Center’s Clinical Research Division (CRD). On behalf of VIDD, we wish to extend our appreciation to Leslie for her loyal support and thoughtful approach, and we will miss her but know that she will not be too far away. She will be a great addition to the CRD administration and we congratulate her as she launches a new course within the Center.

VIDD would like to announce that Curt Malloy has become the new VIDD Administrator, effective February 17, 2014. Curt’s extensive experience in providing leadership within the Seattle and international global health, life sciences and development communities will be a major asset for VIDD in advancing our mission. Please join us in giving Curt a warm welcome to VIDD and the Center.


We are pleased to announce Dr. Deborah Donnell’s appointment to Associate Member. Deborah leads the Statistics and Data Management Center for the HIV Prevention Trials Network, a multisite and international network with a complex portfolio of multidisciplinary trials.   

Dr. Cecilia Morgan has been promoted to Director of Scientific Development in the HVTN.

We congratulate Dr. Jessica Andriesen and Dr. Allan deCamp in PS for their promotions to staff scientist, effective February 1, 2014.


There are several staff promotions in IVD in four different laboratories: Tisha Graham in the Lund lab to coordinator I, Sarah Roepke in the Prlic Lab to research tech II, and Erica Clark in the McElrath Lab to research tech I.

Promotions in the HVTN include Paul Newling, who is now a research tech II; Niles Eaton, director of site operations; Jim Maynard, director of communications and community engagement; and Rachael McClennen, associate director of regulatory affairs.

VIDD would like to congratulate two colleagues for their promotions in PS: Eric Jongeling is now IT supervisor and Jennifer Berthiaume has been promoted to project manager II.

Please join VIDD in applauding all the hard work and dedication of our staff.


Marissa Green is the new executive assistant II for Dr. Julie McElrath, and Hannah Han and Claire Levy join the McElrath Lab as a research techs II. Faiza Wilson (administrative assistant), Yolande Brown (research technician II), and Sannie Mahungela (research technician I) have joined the Cape Town lab.

There are four new hires in PS: Liren Xiao, Data Analytics Unit systems analyst programmer; Yuanyuan Bao, Data Analytics Unit statistical research associate; Shaokui Ge, Statistics statistical research associate; and Dr. Yin “Charles” Cheung, PS Statistics postdoc.

This month we are welcoming two clinical safety specialists (formerly SCHARP clinical affairs safety associates or CASAs), Maija Anderson and Jill Zeller, into HVTN Core. Maija and Jill have joined the Clinical Development Unit.

Welcome all!


Congratulations to Dr. Julie McElrath, who was selected as a 2014 Honoree for “Women Leaders in Health Care” by the Women of Color Empowered. Women of Color Empowered is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation. The organization consists of professional women who want to enhance the quality of life for women of all races and backgrounds by supporting one another through programs and events that foster self-improvement and networking skills; and by providing opportunities to build cross-cultural and multi-generational relationships, and promoting community service.

Dr. Anna Wald has been named a 2014 Outstanding Investigator by the Western Society for Clinical Investigation.

Dr. Joshua Hill is a 2014/2015 ASBMT New Investigator Award recipient for his project entitled “Human Herpesvirus 6 as a Cause of Lower Respiratory Tract Disease after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation.”

Congrats Julie, Anna and Joshua!


Physician’s Assistant Debra Mattson is on our ID Consult Service and celebrating 25 years at the Center. She has worked on our service since June 1992, and she is a valuable asset to our ID Consult Service. We appreciate her dedication and hard work to providing excellent patient care.

The journal eLife highlights select articles from each issue and Dr. Trevor Bedford’s February 7th publication “Integrating influenza antigenic dynamics with molecular evolution” was picked for this honor.

Dr. Anna Wald taught a 3-day intensive manuscript-writing workshop in December which was well attended and much appreciated by junior faculty and other scientific staff from VIDD and the UW Allergy and Infectious Diseases Division. The VIDD Faculty Affairs Office hopes that Anna will be able to offer the class again this year due to overwhelming responses for the class for the past 3 years.

The 2014 Summer Institutes, hosted by the Department of Biostatistics of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington consist of a series of short workshops conducted by experts in the subject fields and designed to introduce participants to modern issues and challenges in biostatistics, genetics, infectious diseases, epidemiology and clinical trials. Several VIDD faculty are instructors for the workshops. For more information: Summer Institutes.


VIDD seeks exceptional applicants for a full-time faculty position (Assistant Professor without tenure, Associate Professor without tenure or Professor without tenure, commensurate with experience), in pediatric oncology to provide leadership for a flagship program focused on clinical and translational research on Burkitt lymphoma in low- and middle-income countries.

PS has many current open positions including:
finance and contract services and grant and contracts supervisor

SCHARP is hiring:
director of applied statistics and data management

SCHARP Applied Statistics program:
two statistical research associate III
three statistical research associate IV

SCHARP Statistical Programming program:
four systems analyst programmers: II, III, IV and V

PS Quality Systems program:
quality systems manager

PS Statistics program:
one staff scientist


After 9 years of dedicated and excellent work for the HVTN and SCHARP, Dr. Cristine Cooper-Trenbeath started a new position at the Gates Foundation, effective January 3, 2014. Cristine’s career at the Hutch began in Julie McElrath’s Laboratory Program in 2004. She transitioned to SCHARP where she worked from 2008 to 2011; and for the last 2 years served as associate director for the SDMC of the HVTN. Cristine was a member of the writing committee for VIDD’s  A&P guidelines and served on the A& P Committee from 2010 through 2013.

Erica Sessle will be leaving her post as the managing director of the Program in Global Oncology and Infection-Related Cancers and the vice president/COO of HCRI-Uganda. Erica has taken an outstanding opportunity to serve as the Director of Country Support for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in Washington DC.

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