Emy Jensen

Outreach Coordinator Emy Jensen was interning at Seattle Children’s in 2007 when she first learned about the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Survivorship Program. Right away she knew she’d found her calling.

“The relationship between the Hutchinson Center and the Lance Armstrong Foundation to create the Survivorship Program felt like a powerful combination – something I wanted to be part of,” she said.

Emy manages the survivorship education and outreach events – such as the annual Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness, nutrition lectures or a sports-oriented fundraiser such as the LIVESTRONG Challenge.

A graduate of Central Washington University, Emy studied biology and public health. She feels the Survivorship Program gives her the opportunity to apply both areas of interest every day. 

“Whether it’s research coordination, patient outreach, or assisting our clinical staff with needs related to patient visits, I’m tapping my education and experience to support the program,” she said.,

Jensen finds it satisfying to provide patients with the tools they need to improve quality of life after cancer – while furthering the emerging field of survivorship research. 

“Our program helps in a lot of ways. Survivors face many late effects from cancer treatment, and we are here to provide help to treat those issues in any way we can.

“The best part of my job is interacting with our survivors,” she continued. “Hearing their stories and knowing the strength they have to overcome such a powerful disease – it is so uplifting.”

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